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Working Together to Overcome Difficulties -- A Report on the Epidemic Donation of Jiangsu Ocean Yangzhou Subsidiary

  1174  2021/09/01

At present, the COVID-19 prevention and control situation in Yangzhou City is grim, affecting the hearts of countless people. After the outbreak of the epidemic, caring people and caring enterprises from all walks of life have extended their help, donated money and materials for the epidemic, and participated in the fight against the COVID-19 in their own way.
Jiangsu Ocean has a subsidiary in Yangzhou Yizheng, Yangzhou Ouxun Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. At the critical moment of the city's fight against the COVID-19, enterprises should fulfill their social responsibilities and fulfill their social responsibilities. Recently, Yangzhou Ouxun donated 100000 yuan to the government. While doing a good job in the company's internal epidemic prevention and control, we also hope to contribute our modest efforts to the fight against the epidemic.
As a member of Yangzhou enterprises, Yangzhou Ouxun firmly implements the decisions and arrangements of the municipal party committee and government, actively cooperates with prevention and control, and responds to the call to work at home. As the solid backing of Yangzhou Ouxun, Jiangsu Ocean always pays attention to the epidemic situation and provides all resources support for its subsidiaries.
In the face of the epidemic, we are a community of common destiny and responsibility. It is hoped that with the full help of the public, Yangzhou will win the fight against the epidemic.